Consultation Services to Transform Programs to Mixed-age Groups


CC: B-3/ECAL INC   Offers Consultation and Training Services to Transform Programs:

  • Consultation and training services are available to assist centers in being able to alter their program structure from separate classrooms of young infants, older infants and toddlers to mixed-age classrooms of children aged six weeks to three years of age.
  • CC:B-3 mentors/coaches have extensive experience teaching in mixed-age classrooms of infants and toddlers, as well as experience in handling the challenges of changing classrooms from single-age groups to mixed-age groups.
  • Services are available individually or as a package and include determining the center suitability for mixed-age classrooms of infants and toddlers, an individualized plan to implement a mixed-aged program at the center, three essential trainings for center staff, as well as other trainings, as desired. In addition, mentor visits between trainings can be offered to support teacher implementation of information gained in trainings.

For more information contact:  Derrell McNeal, CC:B-3 Director of  Mentoring and Training, at