Group Training & Individual Mentoring for Center Directors


CC: B-3/ECAL Inc. offers center directors group training and individual mentoring to support directors' abilities to enhance the quality of their center's program.  Services provide directors the opportunity to access the expertise of other directors who can share their skills and experience, as well as offer the chance for peer support.Available services are listed below.

Teacher Recruitment: Marketing the CC:B-3 Concept and Providing Professional Opportunities.

Teacher Retention: Assisting Directors in Developing the Following:

  • A center culture that attracts teachers' staying at the center.
  • Team-building strategies that include team goals and incentives.
  • Anchoring of staff in each classroom, so that program culture will be sustained.
  • A plan for creating time for teachers and team planning.
  • Compensation system that rewards staff that model desired behavior through center recognition and some forms of compensation that includes creative means, such as paid leave, more desirable schedule etc.

Formula and Strategies for Balancing CC:B-3 Classrooms by Child's Age and Other Factors.

Engaging Teachers in Management Responsibilities.

Financial/Legal Management:

  • Strategies on how to combine various funded programs for children birth to 5 at the local, county, state and federal levels.
  • Information on each funding sources's paramenters and on how each impacts center management costs (cost/benefit ratio).
  • Staff compensation.
  • Facility.and legal issues.
  • Licensure, accreditation and regulation compliance.

Strategies for Parent Engagement:

  • Creating a welcoming center environment.
  • Methods that foster quality parent-teacher relationships.
  • Parent/Center communication strategies.
  • Characteristics of successful "home" visits.

For more information contact:  Derrell McNeal, CC:B-3 Director of  Mentoring and Training,