Key Program Objectives

  • Expand access to higher quality programs for lower-income children, ages six weeks to age three, that use the CC: B-3 model of mixed age grouping and primary care.
  • Offer a curriculum to educate teachers on how to implement individualized (primary) care for a mixed-age group of children, ages six weeks to three to increase teacher compentency.
  • Establish best practices in multi-age groups of infants and toddlers for classroom procedures, which will be adaptable to diverse centers.
  • Establish environment design models with suggested materials and equipment to guide centers committed to serving children with primary care and mixed-age groups.
  • Leverage the expertise of successful centers to provide ongoing, onsite peer-to-peer mentoring and training. 
  • Support centers and staff to engage in a process of continuous improvement.
  • Utilize emerging research projects to inform best practice for CC: B-3 programs.
  • Develop a policy agenda to remove the administrative and bureaucratic barriers programs encounter when implementing the CC:B-3 model.