Parent & Staff Comments about Benefits of Mixed-Ages

  • "...Surprised about extent that teachers enjoy working with mixed-age groups. Allows them to be more creative and stretches them to create an environment that is warm, inviting, and rich in exploration." (center director)
  • "I am very dependent on the teachers to be my secondary mommies, which I call my 'work mommies.' If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be comfortable going to work." (parent)
  • "As a teaching team, we are continually asking how we can better ourselves and the environment." (center teacher)
  • "The biggest benefit of having a mixed-age class is that ...(my son)... has become a lot more tolerant, aware of, and compassionate to little kids. The way he treats her (his year old cousin) is awesome.... he is so gentle and so tender." (parent)
  • "Seeing children with challenging needs responding to goals set by their primary care teachers are moments that make having a mixed-age group so wonderful!" (center director)
  • With a mixed-age classroom, it is "knowing you belong with someone. You know you are safe and loved. ... you know what to expect and who to expect." (center teacher)
  • "I wanted to work with a project that elevates the attention to infants and toddlers and contributes to the generation of knowledge around infant and toddler education and environments." (center director)
  • " The closeness that I have with the  parents and the trust they put in me to mold their children... is one of the greatest gifts that I've probably had all year." (center teacher)
  • "The greatest benefit was seeing the increased attachments among children with their teachers and each other in a family group." (center director)